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What software/hardware is needed to be an Adspace Display Owner?

Adspace is designed to plug straight into an Xibo 2.3 content management system running either Android or Windows Players - see Supported Versions. If you already have Xibo running those versions, or higher, then you have all you need.Demographics data (traffic, age, gender, etc) are important elements to a successful network. If you don’t have an existing source of demographics data, we recommend and fully integrate with AdMobilize.

I have content scheduled to play through my Xibo CMS, how does Xibo Adspace interact with other scheduled content?

Adspace uses Xibo Interrupt Layouts to play ads, meaning an Adspace ad will interrupt any existing running content (with some exclusions), show the ad and then return to where it was previously.

What happens if my display is showing other content at the time an ad is scheduled?

Ads appear on Xibo Players on an interrupt basis, so that if the Player is already showing other content, that content will be paused, the ad shown and then the content resumed. Overlays will also be removed during this time. Emergency messaging will play in preference to any Advertising.

What if only one ad is scheduled in a given period?

It is not possible to only show one ad in a period, unless it comes from a Takeover Campaign, in which case it would be show for the time specified.

What happens if a campaign is scheduled to play on a display that is unavailable or turned off?

Adspace monitors the status of all connected Displays and will only offer Advertising on Displays which have been connected to their CMS recently and with good reliability. If a Display has a fault during the time at Ad is scheduled to be shown, the Proof of Performance reporting for that Display will not be available and Adspace will issue a pro-rated refund to the Advertiser for under-performance. The Displays reliability rating shown in Adspace may be reduced as a consequence.

What is the difference between Private Marketplace and Adspace Marketplace?

Private Marketplace is for Display Owners to send campaign proposals to known advertisers. Adspace Marketplace enables a prospective advertiser to build campaigns themselves across available display inventory that meets their set requirements.

What is the difference between a guaranteed and a non-guaranteed Campaign?

A non-guaranteed Campaign provides an estimated number of plays for a given budget. The network will try to meet this number of plays inside the parameters of the Campaign, but does not guarantee that it will, or how it will distribute the ads across the Campaign.

A non-guaranteed Campaign is sometimes referred to as a Budget Campaign. Conversely a guaranteed Campaign is where the time on the network is reserved in a fair distribution across the Campaign parameters, and the number of plays presented is not estimated.

Usually a guaranteed Campaign will be priced higher than a non-guaranteed Campaign.

When does my non-guaranteed Campaign start to play?

Adspace analyses its entire network for non-guaranteed Campaigns once per day, and fills available space on the network for the next 48 hours. If you have booked a non-guaranteed Campaign on a Friday and it was approved by all networks on the Monday, then the earliest it can run is Thursday.

Where is my data stored?

Information you give to Xibo Adspace (for example your Organisation name, address, contact details) are stored in the United Kingdom and are processed under English data protection laws. Campaigns you create inside Xibo Adspace are initially held in the United Kingdom, with creatives held in Germany until approved, at which point creatives will be shared with each display network so that they can be shown as agreed. Where you transact Campaigns through Xibo Adspace, your Organisation details will be shared as required with other parties with an interest in that campaign for the purposes of billing and taxation.

How much does Adspace cost?

A percentage of advertising revenue is charged. For ad campaigns placed through Private Marketplace, the fee is 8% and 18% on Adspace Marketplace. In the event that you run Campaign billing outside of Adspace, we charge $1.00 per Campaign per Display. All fees above are calculated excluding any VAT/Sales tax which might be applicable on a transaction between Adspace and the Display Owner.

I want to represent my brand, how can I do this?

The Adspace “Manage Network” section of the Organisation dashboard provides space for your network name and description, and to add your network brand, logo and images. In addition, each Display can be given an image and description to be shown in the marketplace.

How can I generate ad revenue using Xibo Adspace?

Adspace enables the opportunity for a display owner to generate revenue in two ways. Firstly our Private Marketplace where a Display Owner can send campaign proposals to known advertisers directly. We strongly recommend starting off in this way, to begin generating income from advertisers, businesses and brands that would want to advertise on your displays.Secondly, Advertisers can find and build campaigns directly on displays that meet their requirements. The more accurate and concise information about your display is, the more likely you are to entice a potential advertiser, so make sure you fill in all the appropriate information in Adspace.Enabling Xibo Adspace to self-promote and show advertising promoting the use of the platform, will help generate traffic and opportunities. We only show these adverts when nothing else is scheduled, but its a great way to generate interest.

What is a rate card and how does that apply to what is charged for my display(s)?

A rate card is where you can define the pricing for your display. You can create a rate card for every display, one for all, or one for a group of displays. Think carefully about the amount you want to charge, make sure it is competitive and fair. You can always amend your rate card.

I use AdMobilize and want to incorporate the traffic and demographic data into Adspace reporting, how can I do that?

Adspace integrates with AdMobilize and can automatically collect and report on traffic and dwell time. Each AdMobilize device needs to have a corresponding Audience Card in Adspace where its device ID is entered. The Audience Card can then be assigned to one or more Displays, provided those Displays are located in the same place geographically.

How quickly will I get paid ad revenue?

All Campaigns in Adspace are fully funded in advance. Adspace deposits Ad Revenue into your Stripe Platform account immediately upon receiving payment from the Advertiser. Your Stripe Platform account will payout balances into your connected bank account at the interval configured in settings. As a Display Owner a contract is formed with an Advertiser which means under-performance of ads can be refunded. This will be automatically charged to your Stripe Platform account, or your bank account if there is insufficient balance.

Are there any fees for Stripe Accounts?

Adspace covers all routine Stripe transaction fees involved with your Stripe Account, for any transactions that are initiated by Adspace. The fee charged by Adspace is the only fee paid by the Display Owner on each transaction. If a foreign currency exchange is required (FX), the Display Owner is responsible for this conversion. FX only occurs if the Display Owner has rate cards with a different currency to the currency of the bank account provided to Stripe.

How can I ensure no inappropriate or undesirable content is shown on my displays?

As a display owner there are multiple ways to reduce the risk of inappropriate content. Firstly, Adspace allows you to review all content and campaigns before they are displayed (assuming you have set your account to do so), this is particularly import when receiving campaigns built by advertisers in Adspace Marketplace.Secondly, you can manage content restrictions and apply to displays as appropriate. These restrictions will be applied against content definitions input by advertisers when they create Adspace Marketplace campaigns.Finally, for any Advertiser supplied content in Adspace Marketplace, an image recognition solution is used to reduce the risk of content that contains pornography, extreme violence or propaganda.Xibo Adspace does not accept any liability for content displayed, please refer to our terms and conditions.

Who invoices the Advertiser?

Adspace creates an invoice between the Display Owner and the Advertiser using the details entered for both organisations. Local consumer sales tax will be charged at the rate configured in the Display Owners account.

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