Display Owners

Adspace earns revenue for Display Owners by participating in real-time auctions to show advertising on your Xibo displays. If you own or operate one or many Xibo displays you can register on our network and be a Display Owner.

As an owner/operator of Xibo digital signage, Adspace exists to help you in three ways:

  • Earn revenue through programmatic digital out of home advertising (pDOOH)
  • Simplify direct ad booking
  • Reporting on your network

Adspace Exchange

Adspace Exchange is our system for connecting your displays to our demand-side partners (the organisations with ads to show). Exchange requires upfront configuration where you classify your displays and provide some additional data which the Xibo CMS does not collect.

To be listed on the Exchange your displays must be reliable, of good quality and have approved audience data.

Direct ad booking

Adspace also has a bolt-on component for direct ad booking. This component simplifies and automates the placement of advertising campaigns where that advertising is something you have arranged directly with the advertiser. Adspace will tell you how the campaign performed and suggest an amount to charge, but responsibility for collecting payment remains with you.

We also support direct ad booking through a demand-side partner, where you create the campaign in Adspace and it is billed through the demand partner.

Getting started

Ready to go? Before you can start earning revenue, you’ll have to go through a few simple steps.

  1. Make sure your network is up to date on the supported versions of Xibo. If you aren’t quite there, we have some great help available Xibo’s installation and upgrade guides. You can still get started with the rest of the steps while you upgrade.
  2. Register for an Adspace account and connect your Xibo CMS.
  3. Give us some general information about your organisation and network.
  4. Configure your Displays with their display type, physical address, a photo and the locations operating hours.
  5. Configure a source of audience data, or let us work with our audience providers to do that for you.

Earn revenue

Once configured we will start including you in our partners auctions and your displays will start receiving ads. Shortly before your first payout is due, our payments team will be in contact to collect your bank details.

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