Display Owner Introduction

This guide is for a “Display Owner” and will introduce you to the core concepts necessary to configure your Adspace.  Adspace Marketplace enables prospective advertisers to find your displays, build and book advertising campaigns directly.

Use the links to the guides below to take you on a step-by-step journey through the Adspace user interface, configuring your network as you go.

  1. Register and Configure your Organisation
  2. Configure your Wallet
  3. Configure your Inventory
  4. Creating Cards
  5. Create a Campaign and select available Inventory
  6. Creating Users

Please also have a read through our glossary of terms where we demystify the various DOOH/Adspace terms that are used throughout the platform and this guide..

Information you will need

There are things you’ll need to have to hand to get the most out of Adspace. To get started you will need to:

  1. Know which displays you want to put live
  2. Have address information, opening hours and expected utilisation for ads
  3. Know what pricing you want to set on the network
  4. Pictures of your displays or a default image
  5. Display descriptions and clear display names
  6. Organisation details, such as company address, sales tax number and domestic sales tax rate
  7. Network information, such as a network name, description and brand images

Getting Paid

The goal of course is to monetise your network and get paid for showing ad content. Before you can do this you will need to connect your Wallet to Stripe for Payouts.


Please do let us know if you find anything that does not work for you or if you have suggestions as to how something could be improved for ease of use for all users.
You can do this by using the feedback button to include screenshots and comments as you navigate the platform, you can email us or please do arrange a call!