Demand-side Partnerships

Xibo has a global presence of exciting displays across a variety of networks. Learn how you can integrate with us to gain access to this source of supply.

What are Xibo and Adspace?

Xibo is a digital signage platform with an open source content management system and Windows / Linux player solution. Xibo in the Cloud provides the content management as a saas, and commercial players are available for Android, webOS and Tizen. Xibo is installed in thousands of locations world wide, in a range of different verticals.

Adspace is our ad network, whose aim is to bring together our wide and varied install base and offer it up to our demand-side partners for inclusion in programmatic DOOH auctions. Along the way we tidy, classify, augment and educate our media partners (who we call display owners), so that the supply we’re offering is of good quality, well maintained and has a good source of audience measurement.

Xibo and Adspace together solve the complex problems of scheduling and delivery of ad content, as well as some other things our display owners find useful.

Can we integrate?

At Xibo we are happy to integrate Adspace with DSP / SSP and Exchange partners. We believe that the DOOH ecosystem will thrive on automation and trust, as such we have a set of well documented beautifully crafted APIs, and an OpenRTB exchange.

API Description
Exchange Our exchange based on OpenRTB. Bid requests/responses.
Screens Automate registration and management of inventory. Our tailored list of displays eligible to you is always available through the Screens API.
Creative Approval Submit creatives for approval ahead of sending them in bids. Check on the approval status or register a web hook for real-time updates.
Deals View pre-approved campaigns and use the dealId for future bids.

If you’ve heard enough and want to integrate, drop us a note at or use the contact form.

OpenAPI / Swagger

We maintain an OpenAPI definition for all endpoints in our API where you can submit requests and get responses using your API key.


How many people saw your ad each time it was shown? In traditional digital advertising this question is easy, 1. If your ad is shown on digital signage, the answer to this question will always be a range from 0 to many thousands. This is called the “impressions per ad play”.

At Adspace we do all we can to provide accurate averages at each display location for impressions per ad play during bidding, and where we can we provide actual impressions at the time of playback. If a display owner has provided their own data, we make that clear to you in the bid request.

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