Platform update w/c 1st February

Welcome to the Adspace Platform Update for February 2021.

Clone Campaigns

We all have Campaigns that we run initially on a trial, or popular Campaigns that we run time and time again. Now with Adspace's new Clone Campaign feature you can take one of your existing Campaigns and make an exact copy of it, including creatives, filters, day parts, etc. Once cloned you'll be taken straight into the Campaign Build where you can adjust the start/end dates and get a new Display availability list.

Saved Filters

We also know that there are certain filter criteria we want to apply again and again, particularly if you have a mixed network. In this platform update we've also added a feature to save/reuse Campaign criteria filters and Campaign geofences! Just pick your saved filter from the list, click apply, and have the builder automatically reapply those past selections.

Save filters for reuse on future Campaigns

Geofence Rate Card Exceptions

The last platform update featured rate card exceptions which allow you to increase or reduce your rate based on date/time and day of the week. This update extends that functionality to include a geofence!

What’s next?

We will continue to monitor the platform as a whole and make further improvements and fixes as needed. Our next feature will be to focus on improvements for mobile inventory.

Explore the Marketplace

Don’t forget that Adspace Marketplace is here and available on! Adspace Marketplace enables prospective advertisers to find your displays, build and book advertising campaigns directly.

To use Adspace Marketplace you will need to complete the information in “Manage Network” on the Organisations page.

Please take a look at these key documents to help you on your Adspace journey:

Adspace - Introduction

Glossary of Terms

Supported Xibo Versions

If you need any assistance, get in touch and we will help!

Xibo Adspace in the DOOH Market

Xibo Adspace in the DOOH Market

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